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Women versus masturbation. This subject became one of the most argued issues society tried to deny in the past few decades. In spite of that, women recognized they should fight for their rights, and year by year, decade by decade, they fought and made society to accept the fact of their ideas and opinions regarding to some social issues.

The human nature provides to every single person to develop a singular sexuality, and to deny that, would be the same thing that "deny our breathing", for example - and that would be impossible. According to the idea that everyone has a particular way to deal with sex and sexual feelings, people experience different sensations since the very beginning of their teenage. Both men and women have different point of view, when the subject is sex - that is because they have different ways to see sex and masturbation. It would be correct to say that it is more embarrassing to women to admit their sexual needs than it is to men. Men are taught to deal with their inner sexual as if it would be and obligation to be as manly as they can. And to be manly is needed to have as much sexual experiences they can - including masturbation. Women are raised with the directed idea that they need to be pure and caste to their future spouses. Little by little this concept of being a "good girl" to the society is being overcome by the idea of freedom, so much in vogue, lastly.

The main idea in enjoying our sexuality (men or women) has nothing to do with the fact of screaming to the world how many times you touch yourself in the bathroom. It's about feeling comfortable to be happy with your feelings and your needs regarding sex. Of course, it might appear somewhat confusing as a teenager - a contradiction-ridden phase patched with new discoveries, be it mentally or physically.

If we accept the idea that our body can provide us such good sensation, it would never be wrong or dirty or sinful about pleasuring ourselves and developing our sexuality.


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