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In the past years, the public into the sex industry got used to masturbate with very common material like magazines and videos. This kind of sex entertainment was the number one kind of arousing material people had to enjoy back then. Nowadays, with the modern technology not only other areas that evolved over. Sexual entertainment has always been looked upon as a great source of cash-flow and that is what the Sex industry has always aimed: to gather more and more public. Would it be normal if they would direct their attention to all possible sexual orientation? According to this innovative point of view, the GLBT (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender) community can enjoy sexual entertainment as well. If we go to visit a video store, today, we can find many different sections which approach lots of different enjoyable sex options. When it comes down to sex, we have developed so many variations and new approaches so that “weird” fetishes became so-sensations to lots of people. We can figure out and prove that by navigating on the internet, where millions and millions of sex web pages are hosted offering their visitors and/or members as many sex variations as they want. For example, there are those with particular preferences, like enjoying pregnant women, golden shower (pissing), brown shower (feces) – also known as scatology and/or just "scat"; facial humiliation (women receiving several loads of ejaculation on their faces), only hand/blow jobs, S&M practices and many other things, like mature people (sixty-something having sex with other mature alike, or just barely aged 18).

Everybody knows the great search engine sites, like Yahoo, Google and MSN Search. They help people to find thousands of sites/articles/news and any other typed-related item on the search fields. Searching sexual contents by keywords on these search engine sites can lead to great results, but, actually, these sites cob all the web, and not only the sex sites. Coming to think of it, today, there are available specialized search engines with sex-focused results only. That can help people a lot to find what they are looking for.

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