::Masturbation And Society::

When the issue approaches our sexuality, the hypocrisy always highlights “moral values” in order to shut off the open minded voice. To talk about sex has always made people to get embarrassed and afraid of talking – and when they talk, they use to talk so scientifically, that make sex to be more like a study object and not a regular and normal thing we are used to see and practice every day.

Fortunately, there are many pro-sexuality focuses today that people can seek out information on sex, masturbation and sexuality as a whole. That is what people would have to seek since the very beginning of their teenage, when our hormones work out with all their power.

Masturbation is widespread as a way that teenagers have to explore their bodies and get prepared to their sexual lives. A very important thing is to link masturbation not only with teenagers, but with humans in general. Why can teenagers masturbate and grown ups can’t? So because they can have sex at any time and masturbating is immature as practice? To think like that is to think with bias towards prejudice. Anyone can experiment the good sensations masturbation can provide. It is our own body that is there; ready to give us pleasure, inoffensively and in the safest way. There is no harm as such in contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) when we are all alone with ourselves and our desires and fetishes.

The Occidental society judges itself as liberal. It would be totally normal to a society responsible for more than 90% of the porn material available in the entire world. But, in fact, this “so-called liberal society” is full of contradictions and fear of being unmasked. People have doubts about sex and their bodies. Even about sex consequences. With whom shall they talk to? To their parents and school? Most often than not parents have the same embarrassment that they children do. School can, obviously provide knowledge. But as a social statement, most of them give general and scientific explanations. Would it be a task for specialized sex educators? The answer remains in the air, and as long as it continues, people will learn only by making mistakes during their lives. Although, today we have the internet to help us out on our most varied doubts, including sex.

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