::Masturbation: Pleasure and Aid in Sex::

Adriana Sommer da Costa

If masturbation brings self-gratification about and inner self insight, what else are we in for? Well, if we look deeper and hold accountable the self-knowledge provided by masturbation, enough said, we could already catch on by reaping the benefits of masturbation as healthy-wise as a habit for life. In addressing healthy meant solely on true colors. Likewise anything within self-pleasure indulgence range then we would rather provide our sexual urges with self-relief, as well as bag away some better grasp sexuality-speaking. All of which off course conducted in accordance with safety procedures for sex affairs.

One too many misconceived ideas, were being harbored throughout the ages, most of them a host of masturbation related diseases and anomalies so-detrimental to peoples’ health. Most for the load of guilt-burden taken on board by those who read much into it farther a field would let themselves in for going overboard. Some would really go mental about it. All to do with some impurity inculcation, stemming from religious rancid decry that would condemn bodily pleasure. That is, sex for procreation purposes only. At current masturbation has already been perceived as a brainchild of understanding for sexuality itself, as of heightening pleasure on to those body parts most touch-sensitive prone. And also the consciousness of which an action and its manifestation could spring from an inner feeling. A streak of self-acknowledgement derived from self-pleasure search and foresight to manage such pleasure within pace are the riches derived from masturbation.

Thereabouts puberty and adolescence the boys masturbate most often as they should, let it be said that the girls are slowly but surely catching up with it due to haywire-information overload, which ends up by soothing guilt-like feelings and shame that would normally daunt most girls’ minds. Though, the most important is being aware of unveiling pleasure of inner most desires likely everlasting.

So should masturbation impart some healthy semblance throughout all phases in life, as much for bachelor’s lifestyle as in elderly. Even so partner failure due. Therein turned masturbation into major allied, healthy as natural resource for the upkeep of sexual activity and pleasure inducement. Motto-wise care must be taken to prevent lose of its positive outlook, in other words, let not taken sprees of masturbation for granted in life ever, so as to the point of becoming obsessively, perceptibly, as a means of soothing anxiety and urges built up in the meantime. Such like a possible cause for mayhem within social sphere, in that got in the way, rendered unable to leave the house much, other than beating around the bush, never mind work neither friendship string ups, so much for dating. If masturbation turned obsessive as behavior, that in itself tends to reflect some dysfunction elsewhere, and would by the way call for attention, care, and therapeutic follow-through.

 In brief, so too the plethora of masturbation would serve enormously as the line of perception employed on any given consultation of couples’ therapy, at which point regarded as improving for the sake of sexuality.

In the light of it, through suffice and relief for those who might suffer from particular sexual disorders, namely, Anorgasmia and dyspareunia, in turn the absence of orgasm and pain during sexual intercourse.

Vaginism and anaphrodisia, rate of discomfort in penetration much to the point of its hindrance and the total absence of sexual desire respectively.

Masturbation induce pleasure yet safe harbor for sexual dilemma, whether solo or else, bound to fulfill expectations of anyone whose sexual affairs sought after enhancement every now and then.


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