::Masturbation As First Sexual Activity::

The beginning of puberty, increasingly hormonal activity in the body of the boys as much as of the girls, bringing about significant physiological alterations. This period is also marked by the beginning of sexual interest and curiosity in knowing bodily functions further.

The female physiology is now ready for pregnancy - after her first period - and a man's biological rate with sperm production at full speed finds itself ready to fertilize a woman.

Meanwhile, they gear up for their breakthrough, as mother nature allows them to practice the art of solo sex act, a.k.a. masturbation - so the young stud comes to terms with his new physical attributes and all that it's capable of.

Many years ago, masturbation was viewed as a sin, by the church and by the society. To touch oneself was dirty and forbidden and in bygone eras, even unfounded theories were mongered about masturbation side effects, such as: zits, breast growth, infertility and impotence.

Today there still are some "misconceptions" focuses on masturbating. Staunch religious inculcation thrives on bias that masturbating is a mortal sin and must be curbed at all costs. And yet, the only correct way of heightening your sexuality is after marriage. Psychologists and medics argue that sexuality must be enjoyed, and excluding the dolphins, we are the only species that feel pleasure having sex. To know your own body is to know yourself, and there's nothing wrong about wanting to be one hundred percent tuned to yourself.

Men masturbate making movements of back and forth with the hands holding the penis, increasing and decreasing pace as wished. Women, however, can stimulate two areas of the vagina: the clitoris (situated on the top end) and by inserting fingers or sex devices in the vaginal orifice. (Situated on the bottom end). Sometimes in case of virgins, inserting big shape-like objects or even fingers may cause hymen rupture.

To practice masturbation is extremely healthy of no side effects at all. The only thing calling further attention is compulsion for such sexual act, once orgasm yields the so-called feel good factor; people tend to get addicted to it, moreover, causing lack of interest in the social and financial spectrum.

To know how to enjoy sexuality at its best makes the subsequent sex much more pleasant for both genders. Off course, rendering clued up people by getting a grip on matters sexual, essentially.


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