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Female Maturbation

Masturbation according to some health care providers is a healthy way to express and explore your sexuality and also release sexual tension without all the associated risks of the sexual intercourse.

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Female Masturbation Techniques
"For me it is important to be excited mentally or to have fantasies to masturbate. For me, it is also important to be single. I use the pulps of the fingers for a real stimulation, but it is better to begin lightly with taps or rubbing o­n the area in general. When excitation increases I start by stimulating myself o­n the clitoris and finally I reach climax with a stooping fast movement o­n the clitoral hood. Usually my legs are separated, and o­nce in a while I also stimulate my nipples with the other hand."

"If I am worried (pressed by time) I'd use a vibrator o­n the base of the clitoris, with open legs. But I usually use my fingers by rubbing around the base of my clitoris, and when I am near orgasm, I move my fingers in a circular way upon my clitoris. My legs are always separated, and I'm alternating hands since o­ne gets tired. My other hand caresses my breasts or it simply rests. And I move my body more when I have an orgasm."

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